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Private Equity

peWe offer our clients proprietary deal flow in world class private equity opportunities. This deal flow is originated from our wide network of relationships, including our shareholders and clients.

Our private equity deal flow will generally feature companies with compelling characteristics including a strong management whose incentives are aligned with those of our investors; defensible market positions or unique technologies; barriers to entry; and exit prospects built upon the strategic importance of the company and/ or its strong existing or potential cash flows

When structuring deals for our investors, we focus on downside protection or risk mitigation through business and partner / sponsor due diligence and deal structuring. Opportunities may take the form of buy-outs, minority investments, mezzanine debt or have blended features.

We also provide an active monitoring of portfolio companies when requested by our investors.

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Ahli Investment Group S.A.L ("Ahliinvest") is a leading financial institution based in Beirut, Lebanon.  Our shareholders include prominent investors grouped under Victoire Financial Services Levant.

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